Sexual Wellness

Sexual Wellness Matters

By now you may have already figured it out….sex doesn’t just happen below the waist…sex includes the whole body and a BIG part of sex is what’s going on in the head too. We call it the brain-genital connection.

It’s all connected…your body, your thoughts, feelings, emotions – even what’s going on (or NOT going on) in your relationship. Lifestyle factors are also part of good sex – like how you move your body, what you put in your body and how well you sleep.

Most men love sex. But lately maybe things aren’t working as seamlessly as you’d like. Perhaps the “little blue pill” has let you down. Just maybe there is more to erections than you thought. Is it possible your medications or chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are compromising blood flow? Even if you are in tip-top shape, maybe a few random nights of less than stellar erections are now playing out a vicious cycle in your head and you’ve opted out of sex more often than you care to count? STRESS anyone?

We Can Help

At Cleveland Health Group we’re passionate about sexual wellness.

In addition to our other cutting-edge services of Acoustic Wave Therapy & the P-Shot, we offer sexual wellness coaching to assist with those distressing issues that are keeping you up at night.

We believe a satisfying sex life can be yours, and at Cleveland Health Group we have the expertise, tools and techniques to get you there!

Our Unique Approach to Optimal
Health & Amazing Intimacy

You’ve heard it before – it’s all connected, the mind, body and emotions.

This is especially true with your sexual health.

Experts tell us that sexual health is the makeup of what’s going on in your body (think physical), what’s going on in your mind (thoughts, feelings, behaviors) and what’s going on in your relationship (with others and yourself).  Technically, it’s called the “biopsychosocial” approach and it’s highly individualized.


We couldn’t agree more.

Our approach here at Cleveland Health Group is entrenched in finding the “root” cause to your sexual health issues, not simply masking them with symptom relief.  We’ll explore how to help you make better brain-genital connections and negotiate your sexual health both inside and outside the bedroom.


Maybe you've run out of steam and it's only 10:00am on a workday, perhaps the night before your sexual performance was less than desirable or you've recently been diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure. Your general health plays a vital role in how you show up for your day (and night!). Often times it's not until blood flow issues or vascular problems occur that we give our bodies the attention they need.


The brain-genital connection can be "zapped" suddenly by negative emotions of worry, fear, guilt, shame and sadness. Stress can mess with both your body function and your mind. Furthermore, how you feel emotionally can greatly impact intimacy health; feelings of resentment, frustration or hostility can overwhelm the body and mind.


Critical to sexual function is a healthy relationship with ourselves and those we share our life with. Intimacy inside and outside the bedroom is vital for relationships to thrive. Often times an encounter with a sexual issue is an opportunity to renegotiate the sexual landscape of a relationship, where sexual and intimacy satisfaction can be experience by both partners.

Choose a session below and let’s get the conversation going……

Sessions At Cleveland Health Group

Complimentary Intro Session

Let’s talk. We’ll take 15-minutes either in-person, by phone or virtually to discuss the issues that concern you. We’ll discover if sexual wellness coaching is a good fit for you. Keep in mind the only thing harder than talking about your sexual struggles is living with them. Complimentary

Discovery Session

During the first session we’ll discuss your general health, lifestyle routine, medication/supplement regimen, and the sexual / intimacy health issues you desire to improve. This in-depth discovery is the first step in our "partnership" to work towards resolving the issues that are preventing you from a pleasurable and satisfactory sex life. 60-minute session fee $125.00

Follow-Up Session

Resolving these issues is never a "one-size-fits-all" approach. That being said, it’s typically not intended to be a long-term commitment either. Often one or two sessions will give you the tools needed to get back in the game. YOUR level of engagement with life-style changes, motivational exercises, and yes, homework - will dictate progress and determine the number of sessions needed. 60-minute follow up sessions $125.00

Meet Valerie

Valerie works with the highest standard of care to counsel, coach and teach men how sexual health aligns with general health, and how optimizing the two can lead to a feeling of aliveness both inside and outside the bedroom!

Whether it’s a physical issue with sexual function, gut issue, lack of energy, depression, performance anxiety or related to emotional challenges, the distress can be overwhelming, often to the brink of brokenness.

Valerie is sensitive to the fact that discussing these concerns can seem awkward, embarrassing, shameful and even fearful.  Rest assured, your issues will be treated with the upmost respect, privacy and compassion.